Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

On Friday March 22, the Beatles' debut LP was released to the public in England (mono only). It had a black and gold label which was eventually discarded for the common Yellow/black label. This LP was the only LP to have the black and gold label. The stereo version was released over a month later on April 26 1963 which makes this the only Beatles LP not to be released in mono and stereo simultaneously.

Also released on April 11 was the new single "From Me to You/ Thank you Girl" which shot up to number 1. In fact, all Beatles singles up to February 1967 would be number 1. The Beatles would remain the most popular and successful band throughout the remainder of time as we know it.

Whenever I review the Beatles' schedule, I'm always amazed at how hard and prolific and efficent the Beatles were in those early days. It was expected (by Brian Epstein) that two LPs and four singles be released in only twelve months. They actually DID IT! And they also produced such original and good music that it still astounds me to this day. If any other band ever tried to produce to many song/recordings today, it would be ludicrous to expect the quality that the Beatles offered. Live gigs, BBC recordings, composing, personal appearances, studio recordings. It was just breathtaking to see how quick and proficient this band was. It's almost as if they had a mission to accomplish and they were certainly unstoppable.

For example: The debut was out, the new single was out and not even four months later the Beatles were in the recording studio again churning out the latest Lennon/McCartney original.

This is where "Beatlemania" starts: the new song was entitled "She Loves You". This new song was written in a hotel room on June 26 with John and Paul literally sitting across from each other and strumming their guitars.

"She Loves You" was recorded in Studio Two of Abbey Road (called EMI studios in those days) on July 01 1963 and unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any tape left of the session so there are unknown takes of the song and it was mixed in mono and never mixed in stereo. I wonder if they misplaced or lost this tape or what, but it seems weird that one of the most successful Beatles' songs in history has been literally "lost" - studio documentation wise.

Of course, the song instantly made it to number 01 (another hit - in fact the biggest selling Beatles single in Britain at the time) and it's such an exciting song with the answering "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" in the chorus. It's alledged that Paul McCartney's father had asked him to keep the chorus but use the words "Yes, Yes, Yes". Obviously, Paul had other plans...hahaha.

A huge and catchy song that was included on: The Capitol of Canada 6000 series LP "Twist and Shout", the US Capitol LP/CD "The Beatles' Second Album", the Apple double LP/CD "The Beatles 1962-1966" the UK Parlophone LP "A Collection of Beatles Oldies", the EMI LP "20 Greatest Hits", a live version on the Capitol/EMI LP "The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl", The EMI LP/CD "1", the EMI double LP/CD "Past Masters Volume 1" and the remastered "Past Masters" and "Mono Masters" CDs.

"She Loves You" was performed at the Royal Variety show in 1963, the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, the North American Tour of 1964, the Summer world Tour of 1964 and a live excerpt was shown on the "Around the Beatles' TV show.

"She Loves You" was performed live on BBC radio 10 times: "Pop Go the Beatles" episodes 9, 10, 11, 13 and 15, three times on "Saturday Club", once on the "Ken Dodd" show, once on "Easy Beat" and once more on "From Us to You". Episodes 9 and 10 of "Pop Go the Beatles" featured the same live recording.

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