Friday, October 16, 2009

Won't You Dance With Me?

The next song featured on the second Parlophone LP "With The Beatles" was a rock and roll number written by Lennon/McCartney but mainly by John was/is entitled "Little Child". It features lots of harmonica (mouth organ) and was/is a true rocker. Lots of energy and lots of double tracking, in fact sorta sloppy at parts. Lennon has said that he hated double tracking his vocals and since most of this LP was double-tracked, must have been a chore. The harmonica solo is also by Lennon.

The track was first recorded on a Wednesday September 11 1963 ( two takes ) in studio two at EMI but was abandoned and re-recorded the next day September 12 where tracks 3 to 18 were finalized. The overdubs include Lennon's harmonia part - quite blistering - and Paul adding piano.

"Little Child" was mixed for mono on October 23 1963 in Studio Two and mixed for stereo almost a week later on October 29 1963 in Studio Three. The mono mix is preferable as the Beatles were still basically twin track on these recordings.

There's not much else to say about this one as it's a great rocker and sadly...once again...not performed live or otherwise featured apart from the LP. Another "deep track".

"Little Child" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "With the Beatles", the Capitol of Canada 6000 series LP "Beatlemania: With The Beatles" and of course, the US Capitol LP/CD "Meet The Beatles". I have not heard any outtakes of this recording as of yet.

The song was never performed live at the BBC. A real shame. Great tune.

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