Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank you...thankyouverymuch...

I would like to thank the Beatles, God and the academy..oh yeah, and my mother. The Beatles would like to "Thank You, Little Girl".

The working title for the B side of "From Me to You" was a ditty written by Lennon/McCartney that started life as "Thank You Little Girl" and changed to "Thank You Girl". A very exciting number with great work from both Paul on bass and Ringo on drums. I've always liked this number, I find it has a great groove and although the lyrics are a little trite, the musical backing is tight and uplifting.

"Thank you Girl" was recorded on the same day as it's flip side - March 05 1963. The song was completed in six takes, with Ringo's added "drum flourishes" on the last 11 bars recorded as edit pieces. The outtakes available are nothing short of astounding. There are various experiments conducted by Ringo to try and uplift the song to it's natural conclusion. I think George Martin and the Beatles finally chose the best ending that shows not only Ringo's technical skills but also the subtle way in which he played and enhanced the song. Great stuff !! The commercial release was an edit of take six and edit piece thirteen.

The early takes of the song show the Beatles playing around with the lyrics - placing "All I gotta Do" and "All I Wanna Do" in alternate verses. Lennon's harmonica overdub was recorded at a later date: March 13 1963. There are variances with the UK and North American mixes in some cases where the harmonica is concerned. ( Check the Past Masters with the Beatles Capitol release of "Second Album" for example ). You can also hear the difference on the bootleg "Turn Me On, Deadman". The entire session (well, most of it, anyway) can be heard on "March 05 1963").

"Thank You Girl" is available on: the US Vee Jay LP "Jolly What! The Beatles and Frank Ifield On Stage", the North American version of the Capitol LP/ CD "The Beatles' Second Album" as well as the Parlophone UK LP "The Beatles Rarities", the EMI LP/CD "Past Masters Volume 1" and the remastered "Past Masters" and the remastered "Mono Masters".

"Thank You Girl" was performed three times live on BBC radio: Once on "Side by Side"; once on "Steppin' Out" and the final time on "Easy Beat"

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