Saturday, October 3, 2009

In My Mind There's no Sorrow

"It's All in the Mind" so the quote is attributed to George Harrison on the "Yellow Submarine" movie poster.

The next song on the debut LP/CD was an original "McCartney-Lennon" entitled "There's a Place". It's a vocal duet between John and Paul although the song was mainly written by John. The lyrics are fantastic. The best on the LP in my opinion. There'll be so "sad tomorrow" indeed.

"There's A Place" was the first song recorded on February 11 1963 for the "Please Please Me" LP/CD. It was recorded in 10 takes with an overdub of harmonica attempted later in the day. These were called takes 11 to 13.

Almost a decade after the recording, John Lennon later accused Todd Rungren of using the basis of "There's a Place" for Todd's early seventies hit "I Saw the Light" - you know, the "In Your Eyes" part with sounds like the bridge to "There's a Place".

Apart from appearing on the Parlophone "Please Please Me" LP/CD, the song also appeared on the Canadian 6000 series "Twist and Shout" LP, the Vee Jay US "Introducing the Beatles" LP, and the US Capitol "The Beatles Rarities" LP.

"There's a Place" was performed live on BBC radio three times: the first time on "Pop Go the Beatles" edition 5, the second time on "Easy Beat" and the third and final time on "Pop Go the Beatles" edition 12.

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