Friday, October 9, 2009

Get You in The End

The second song recorded on July 01 1963 in studio two was the B-side of the previous song. The original title was "Get You in The End" and released as "I'll Get You".

"I'll Get you" also featured the "yeah" theme with it's opening lyrics: "Oh Yeah...oh yeah..." The song is a mid tempo groove and I love the way Ringo steadies himself of the high-hat until the build up to the title words where he opens up with the ride and then gently goes back to the high-hat.

Like the previous song recorded on July 01 1963, there are no take numbers therefore I'm assuming that this particular reel has been lost. It's a shame really. The only thing we know is that the mono mixing ( and supposed editing of the "A" side) was done three days later on July 04 1963 in the control room of Studio Two.

"I'll Get You" first appeared an a small Philly label called "Swan" and was the B side to both "She Loves You" and "Sie Liebt Dich". The song also appears on the Capitol of Canada 6000 series LP "Long Tall Sally", The US Capitol LP/CD "The Beatles Second Album" and the Parlophone UK LP "Rarities".

"I'll Get You" was performed live on BBC radio five times: "Pop Go the Beatles" editions 9 , 12 and 13, and twice on "Saturday Club".

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