Sunday, October 11, 2009

With The Beatles

"With The Beatles" was the second LP released in the UK on the Parlophone label. The whole LP was recorded at EMI studio between mid July (a few weeks after the recording of the "She Loves You" single) and the third week in October 1963.

The release of this record in mono (PMC 1206) and stereo (PCS 3045) was on November 22 1963. Most of you may remember another event that occurred on this day that changed the world (It happened in Dallas).

The first thing that strikes you is the cover. This cover was shot by Robert Freeman. The technique of half-shadow was not new for the Beatles as they had been photographed in Hamburg Germany by their friend Astird Kirchnerr this way also.

This is a great Beatles albums and has often been citied as one of their best. Lots of motown covers and a very energetic and rock and roll album, for sure. Tons and tons of double tracking and sadly, it is one of the worst "sounding" LPs the Beatles released (in my opinion). The bulk of the LP was still recorded using twin track and so the best sounding version is still the mono version. The stereo mix consists mainly of the instruments on one side and the vocals on the other. Of course, the single from the LP was recorded on four track but everything else pre-mid October was recorded on twin track.

"With The Beatles" was released exactly eight months to the day after "Please Please Me". Both LPs were number 1 in the UK.

Next, I'll be reviewing the 14 tracks recorded for "With The Beatles".

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