Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Saturday Club" for the seventh time.

On December 17 1963, The Beatles arrived at the Playhouse Theatre in London whereby they were to record some numbers for the BBC radio show "Satuday Club". This session took place in the morning  and the following songs were recorded live off the floor:
After a commercial version of  "All My Loving" was played in the show, The Beatles performed the B-side of their latest single entitled "This Boy" sung mainly by John with beautiful harmonies from Paul and George. This is followed by a very short a capella version of "All I Want For Christmas Is a Bottle" changing the last word from "Beatle" (this being a novelty hit at the time). Paul's vocal for "Till There Was You" is next on the show. George Harrison gets a vocal with "Roll Over Beethoven"; a cover of the Chuck Berry song (the last two numbers from the latest/ second LP). "She Loves You" is played but this is a rebroadcast from an earlier performance. Finally, the Beatles play a riff which stops and they shout out some of their song titles. This is listed on various bootlegs as the "Chrimble Medley". The host for this show as Brian Matthew.
The performance can be found on the bootleg LP "The Beatles at the Beeb Volume Eight".