Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deliver The Letter, The Sooner The Better

The next cover on the "With The Beatles" closes Side One on the LP. This was a motown cover that was originally performed by The Marvelettes entitled "Please Mister Postman". A very smooth, sould vocal by John Lennon and a call-and-response type backing vocals from Paul and George. The song was originally written by Berry Gordy, Brian Holland and Robin Bateman.

"Please Mister Postman" was recorded on Tuesday July 30 1963 in EMI Studio Two. There were nine takes including vocal overdubs. The song was mixed for mono on August 21 1963 in Studio Three/ it was mixed for stereo on October 29 1963 in Studio Three as well.

"Please Mister Postman" is available on the UK Parlophone "With The Beatles" LP/CD as well as the Capitol of Canada 6000 series LP "Beatlemania: With The Beatles", it is also on the US Capitol LP/CD "The Beatles Second Album".

"Please Mister Postman" was performed three times on BBC radio; once on "Here We Go", the second time on "Pop Go the Beatles" episode 7 and finally on "From Us to You".

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