Monday, October 12, 2009

Til I Belong To You

"It Won't Be Long" opens up side one of the LP/CD "With The Beatles". Mainly a John song and a great , exciting opening. Very powerful. Everything is in there: once again, the third song in a row to feature the "Yeahs", the call-and-response idea, the E to C chords in the verse. Very catchy and very good.

This was the first LP to feature the songwriting credits as they would be for the rest of the Beatles' career: "Lennon-McCartney" rather than "McCartney-Lennon" on the first LP/CD.

The song was recorded at EMI Studio Number Two in 17 takes with an combination of an edit piece from take 21. The first ten takes were recorded in the late morning and early afternoon, after which the Beatles had to leave the studio in order to attend a BBC radio rehearsal and then play at a London theatre for a taping of the BBC "Saturday Club" show. Once that was over, the Beatles then went BACK to the studio to complete the recording. Amazing! Oh yeah...I forgot to mention...four other songs were also recorded this day. How's that for prolific?

"It Won't Be Long" was released on the Parlophone LP/CD "With The Beatles" as well as the Canada of Capitol 600 series LP "Beatlemania: With the Beatles" and the US Capitol LP/CD "Meet The Beatles".

"It Won't Be Long" was never performed live on the BBC.

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