Friday, November 20, 2009

Someday When We're Dreaming

The next track from the Beatles' third Parlophone UK album was also the B side to their single which was released in Britain on the same day as the album. Of course, the single and album were both entitled "A Hard Day's Night" and the track in question was "Things We Said Today".

"Things We Said Today" is a very haunting Lennon/McCartney song written mainly by Paul. The verses tend to be in minor chords and the triplet intro adds to the dark mystique of the tune. The middle eight is changed to major chords and (particularly in concert) gives an almost different and yet joyous feeling to the proceedings. A very advanced title as far as songwriting goes and kudos to McCartney for writing such a mature and intricate song. The song was one of many written for Paul's then-girlfriend Jane Asher. It was written when Paul was on holiday earlier in the year.

"Things We Said Today" was recorded on Tuesday June 02 1964 at EMI studio two. The song took three takes to complete with the first take being a breakdown. The song consisted of two acoustic guitars, one electric guitar, tambourine, bass and drums. The vocals were double tracked. Also, a piano played by George Martin was added although it is not very prominent in the mix as it was not to be used but since it was on the same track as some of the other instruments, there is leakage on the final mix and you can hear a bit of piano on the song.

"Things We Said Today" was mixed for mono on June 09 1964 in the control room of studio one. Finally, the stereo mix for the tune was completed along with most of the other tracks on June 22 1964 in the afternoon.

"Things We Said Today" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "A Hard Day's Night" as well as the North American Capitol LP/CD "Something New". The song was also played in concert during the Beatles fall 1964 North American tour and a version from California can be heard on the EMI/Capitol LP: "The Beatles At the Hollywood Bowl". One last interesting thing; I've noticed that during the early Beatles career, Paul sings the words "Me I'm Just the Lucky Kind" at the beginning of the middle eight of this song both on record and live. When Paul started touring in 1989 to promote the "Flowers In the Dirt" LP/CD, he changed this line to : "Me I'm Just a Lucky Guy"......very strange. You can hear it on the "Tripping The Live Fantastic" EMI 3-LP/2-CD set.

"Things We Said Today" was performed for the BBC radio series twice. Once on "Top Gear" and once on "From Us To You". It is available on Apple's 3-LP/2-CD "Live At The BBC".

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