Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Love is More Than Just Holding Hands.

The next song from the third Beatles Parlophone UK LP and the first movie soundtrack is a ditty entitled "If I Fell". This great tune is a Lennon/McCartney original and although mainly written by John, a true lesson in harmony as both John and Paul share most of the lead vocal work. This ballad is probably one of my favourite Lennon love songs and the changes in key and the texture of the work is truly amazing. A definite highlight of the album.

"If I Fell" was recorded on Thursday February 27 1964 in EMI Studio two. The recording took fifteen takes to complete. Both John and Paul sang at the same time and at the same mike for this vocal (although there was double-tracking added on ). Mono mixing of "If I Fell" was done on March 03 1964 for EMI and also for United Artists. The mono mix was made in Studio one. A tape copy of the mono mix for the song was done on June 09 1964 from studio three and given to United Artists for the film. "If I Fell" was finally mixed for stereo on June 22 1964 for the "A Hard Day's Night" soundtrack LP.

There are differences in mixes for this particular song. In the mono mix, John's voice is single tracked for the introduction (before the drums come in). For the stereo mix, John's voice is double tracked. the mono mix during the second middle eight, Paul's harmony to the words "was in vain" is sung and the note is held along with John's note. In the stereo mix during the second middle eight, Paul's Harmony to the words "was in vain" is shortened due to Paul's voice straining and breaking up.

"If I Fell" was released as a single in the North American market by Capitol Records with the flip side being "And I Love Her". Two ballads on one single. It has a beautiful blue picture sleeve which is shown above.

"If I Fell" is also available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "A Hard Day's Night" as well as the North American United Artists soundtrack LP "A Hard Day's Night". It is also on the Capitol LP/CD "Something New". "If I Fell" can also be found on the EMI/Capitol double LP "Love Songs". This tune was performed live in concert during the 1964 North American tour and a version of this live performance can be heard on the EMI/Capitol LP "The Beatles Live At the Hollywood Bowl".

"If I Fell" was performed twice for BBC radio. The first time was on "Top Gear" and the second time was on "From Us To You".

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