Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby, Now You're Moving Way Too Fast.

The next song from the "Long Tall Sally" EP which starts off the second side is a cover version of "Slow Down" which was originally written and performed by the great Larry Williams. John Lennon must have had a lot of respect for this musician as the Beatles covered a few more tunes written by Williams on later LPs (which will be discussed in later posts) and all of them were sung by John including this one.

"Slow Down" was recorded by the Beatles on Monday June 01 1964 at EMI Studio two. The song took six takes to perfect with a very solid rythm track and a magnificant raunchy vocal by Lennon overdubbed. The piano on this tune was played by George Martin and was overdubbed by him three days later on June 04 1964 also in Studio two. Once the piano was overdubbed, the song was mixed for mono. The song was mixed for stereo on June 22 1964 at EMI studio one. "Slow Down" was also tape copied on the same day from the June 04 1964 mono mix.

Apart from the "Long Tall Sally" EP, the song was released on the US/Canada Capitol LP/CD "Something New", the 70s Capitol/EMI double LP "Rock 'N' Roll" and the EMI/Parlophone UK LP "Rarities". "Slow Down" is also available on the EMI double LP/CD "Past Masters Volume 1" as well as the Apple remasters "Mono collection" and the "Stereo Past Masters" CDs.

"Slow Down" was performed only once live on BBC radio: "Pop Go The Beatles" episode 10.

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