Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Ain't Got No Matches, But I Sure Got A Long Way To Go

The last song on the "Long Tall Sally" EP was another cover by The Beatles. "Matchbox" was originally written and recorded by the late, great Sun Records artist Carl Perkins. The Beatles admired Perkins (especially George and Ringo) as there were many covers by him performed and recorded by the Beatles. Certainly some BBC performances as well as other Perkins hits would be performed live by not only the Beatles as a group, but in later years as solo artist.

"Matchbox" was recorded on Monday June 01 1964 and five takes were performed with only three takes complete. Ringo not only played drums on this, but also sang simultaneously. His voice was double-tracked and there are slight variations between the mono and stereo mix as far as double-tracked timing is concerned.

"Matchbox" was mixed for mono three days later on June 04 at EMI Studio two. The song was mixed for stereo later in the month from EMI studio one on June 22 1964. "Matchbox" was also tape copied from the earlier mono mix at the same session.

During the recording of "Matchbox", the author of the song - Carl Perkins - was present in the studio as an observer althought Perkins sadly did not participate on the recording. It would have been nice for him to do the guitar solo perhaps.

"Matchbox" is availabel on the North American Capitol LP/CD "Something New" and it also appears on the EMI/Capitol double LP compilation "Rock 'N' Roll Music"; the Parlophone UK LP "Rarities" also features the song as does the EMI LP/CD: "Past Masters Volume 1" and Apple CDs "Mono collection" and "Past Masters" from the remasters series.

The song is performed live and available on the Lingasong double LP: "The Beatles Live at the Star Club". "Matchbox" was also performed twice for BBC radio: Once on "Pop Go The Beatles" episode 7 and the second time on "From Us to You".

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