Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm Gonna Love Her Till The Cows Come Home

The next tune up from the "A Hard Day's Night" original British LP is another solid Lennon/McCartney composition entitled "When I Get Home". This sort of obscure number is not usually talked about as far as Beatles material is concerned and is probably the least known number from this LP. It's not that the song is good or bad, it just seems to be "buried" in the LP for some reason. Or maybe it's just not very interesting for fans or something. I dunno.

Anyway...this song and "Any Time At All" have basically the exact same history. Both songs were recorded on June 02 1964 in studio two and it took 11 takes to perfect "When I Get Home". The song features additional piano (probably played by Paul) and a Paul/ George vocal added on to the supreme Lennon vocal. There were also additional cymbal crashes added to the intro part.

There were two mono mixes made for the song. The first mono mix features a Lennon phrase in the song where he sings: "till I walk out that door" too early and as the vocal is double tracked, the mono mix used on the north American "Something New" features this early vocal while the UK LP uses the correct vocal. It's all in the faders, folks. Anyway , the first attempt at a mono mix was done on June 04 1964 in studio two. This first attempt was never used. The second and third attempt at the mono mix was done on June 22 1964. The second mono remix contained the delayed vocal used in North America while the third mono remix contained the correct vocal used in the UK. The stereo mix was also completed on this same day in studio one.

"When I Get Home" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "A Hard Day's Night" as well as the North American Capitol LP/CD "Something New".

"When I Get Home" was never performed live nor was it ever performed for BBC radio.

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