Sunday, May 1, 2011

Something New

Well, not quite something new. This LP released by Capitol in North America contained only 11 songs while five of them had already been released just over a month previously. "Something New" was released on July 20 1964 in mono and stereo (most likely to compete against the "A Hard Day's Night" soundtrack put out by United Artists). The catalogue number for the mono version is Capitol T-2108 and the stereo catalogue number is Capitol ST-2108.

Capitol used a very colourful front cover for this release. On the left side of the front cover is a colour photo of the Beatles performing in New York City during their appearance in February 1964 on "The Ed Sullivan Show". The right side of the front cover shows the title of the LP in white with the artist below in orange. The Capitol logo is under that is white along with the "new" songs and then the blurb (in orange): " the hit vocals from the Motion Picture "A Hard Day's Night" (A United Artists' release)"...yes, folks. Lastly, the five previously release songs are written out in white.

The back cover features the title and artist in black with uncredited liner notes on the left of the back cover. A hilarious production credit states: "Produced in England by George Martin and in the USA with the assistance of Dave Dexter, Jr.". Dave Dexter, Jr. was the same guy at Capitol in the US to turn down the Beatles not once or twice...but three times !! He did absolutely nothing for "production" of the LP except for maybe the song selection and sequencing which is rather pityful. Hard to believe this guy got a "production" credit. This is the same guy that added tons of reverb to everything and it's been rumoured that he hated Beatles music !! A true Blue Meanie, in my books. Ok, Ok...enough ranting. Anyway, on the right side of the back cover are the track listings along with the timings of the songs. At the bottom of the cover are black and white photos of mini album covers for promotional purposes. The Canadian back covers featured four LP mini covers: "Beatlemania:With The Beatles", "Twist And Shout", "Long Tall Sally" and "The Beatles Songbook" by the Hollyridge Strings (Beatles musak, in other words). The United States back covers featured three LP mini covers: "Meet The Beatles", "The Beatles' Second Album" and "The Beatles Songbook" by the Hollyridge Strings. The US back cover also mentions three Capitol singles titles.

The labels for the North American "Something New" LP are the black with rainbow rim versions. Blue perimeter print runs alongside and above the rainbow rim.

The tracks for the LP contain the following: On side one: "I'll Cry Instead" (from the UK LP "A Hard Day's Night and previously released on the United Artist soundtrack), "Things We Said Today", "Any Time At All" and "When I Get Home" (from the UK LP "A Hard Day's Night"); side one ends with "Slow Down" and "Matchbox" both taken from the UK "Long Tall Sally" EP.

Side two: "Tell Me Why", "And I Love Her", "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You" and "If I fell" (all four of these songs are taken from the UK LP "A Hard Day's Night and previously released on the United Artist soundtrack). Side two ends with the bizarre version of "I Want To Hold You Hand" sung in German for the German market and released as one side of a single on Odeon (O-22-671) entitled "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand".

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