Monday, May 23, 2011

Beatles '65

This LP was released by Capitol Records in the United States and Canada on December 14 (in Canada) and December 15 (in the US) 1964. Just in time for Christmas, this LP featured fresh material from the Beatles at the time. The LP was available in both mono and stereo. The mono catalogue number for this LP is Capitol T-2228 and the stereo catalogue number for this LP is Capitol ST-2228.
The front cover of the LP features the album title in huge red letters at the top: this front cover also features a main colour photo of the group holding umbrellas and wearing dark jackets to signify winter; there are three smaller colour photos underneath with the left photo having the Beatles holding springs (signifying spring), the middle photo has the Beatles only in their shirts with the sleeves rolled up by Ringo and George wearing a towel over his shoulder and a beach umbrella present signifying summer and finally the photo on the right with The Beatles holding brooms and basket signifying fall. One of the more attractive covers for an early Capitol Beatles' release (in my humble opinion).
The back cover is a little blander with a white background and black print. The upper left holds the Capitol/EMI logo while the upper right has the catalogue number. The LP title is underneath. Liner notes on the left and the track listing on the right. The mini LP black and white covers are featured underneath.
The labels feature the classic Capitol black with rainbow rim and perimeter print in either blue or white above the rainbow rim.
The track listing for "Beatles' 65" consists of the following: side one mirros the first six songs (of seven) from the Parlophone LP "Beatles For Sale" with the first track being "No Reply" followed by "I'm A Loser", "Baby's In Black", "Rock And Roll Music", "I'll Follow The Sun" and last but not least "Mr Moonlight". Side two opens with the third track on side two of "Beatles For Sale" LP with the song "Honey Don't", next is the last track of side two from the UK LP "A Hard Day's Night" with the song "I'll Be Back", the next two songs are from the single and appear as "She's A Woman" and "I Feel Fine", lastly the final song on "Beatles' 65" LP is also the last song that appears on the Parlophone UK LP "Beatles For Sale" and is titled "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby".
Unfortunately, both the LP versions of "She's A Woman" and "I feel Fine" are drenched in over-loaded reverb and make the songs sound as if they were recorded at the end of a long, long tunnel. Both songs are duophonic on the stereo version of the LP and sound terrible. Part of this deed can be credited to a Mr. Dave Dexter Jr. who gets a production credit alongside George Martin under the track listing on the back cover of the LP !!
Inner sleeves for this LP originally came with the standard red and white Capitol/Pathe sleeves in Canada. In the United States, original copie came with a rust coloured inner sleeves promoting "The Teen Set" on one side with mini black and white covers of the Beatles' LPs: "Meet The Beatles", "Second Album" and "Something New" as well as Beach Boys' LP, Dick Dale, Peter and Gordon, The Four Preps, etc. The other side of the rust coloured inner sleeve features mini LP covers of Broadway LPs and easy listening titles.

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