Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Beatles Vs. The Four Seasons

Vee Jay Records released a double LP set on October 01 1964 entitled "The Beatles Vs. the Four Seasons". The catalogue number for this two LP set was Vee Jay DX-30 for mono versions and Vee Jay DXS-30 for stereo versions.

This double LP paired version two of the "Introducing the Beatles" record with the "Golden Hits of The Four Seasons" record. A whole new cover was (once again) created and this is simply a re-issue of the title already available with the "Introducing The Beatles" and "Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles" covers.

The front cover lists the two LP set as "The international battle of the Century" and the Vee Jay logo to the right. Underneath are "The Beatles" written in red and "The Four Seasons" written in purple. The blurbs on the front cover promise: Scorecards, Biographies, Pictures and Stories of all the contestants.

The track listing is below on the front cover with the "Beatles Line up" being the tracks from "Introducing The Beatles" and the "Golden Hits of The Four Seasons".

The back cover features a score card with the songs listed and you can write in the points for each track with a total at the bottom for each band. Also available is the total for the winner. The "rules" of the contest are written in purple. Get out your markers, kiddies !!!

The inside gatfold features colour tinted photographs of both bands (individuals and group) as well as short biographies (the individual Beatles biographies are copied exactly from "Songs, Pictures and Stories").

Also included in the double LP "The Beatles Vs. The Four Seasons" is a poster that measures 11 and half inches by 23 inches (the front cover of the album states that the free poster is 8 inches by 15 inches). This poster features the same drawings of the individual members of the Beatles as the ones used for the "Songs, Pictures and Stories of The Fabulous Beatles" cover !! The poster has the drawings horizontically surrounded by a gold frame.

The records inserted into the covers are usually the "brackets" logo of version two of "Introducing The Beatles" and the "Golden Hits of The Four Seasons".

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