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Beatles VI

"Beatles VI" or "Beatles 6" was released in Canada and the United States on or about June 14 1965. Both countries featured the LP in two formats: mono and stereo. The mono copies have the catalogue number T-2358 while the stereo catalogue number is ST-2358.

Capitol records' choice for the title of the LP is a bit of a mystery to me. Yes, this is the sixth LP put out by Capitol that contains music only, but the back cover of the US LP promotes the two LP set documentary "The Beatles' Story" which was part of the official catalogue up to the end of vinyl. Therefore, this LP can officially be considered the seventh Capitol LP and not the sixth. A minor quibble.

This LP was made especially for the American market. So much so that the fact that the Beatles had to enter EMI studios and record two songs especially for this release: on the evening of May 10 1965, both "Bad Boy" and "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" were put on tape by The Beatles. "Bad Boy" was not released in the UK until the UK Parlophone LP "The Beatles Oldies...But Goldies" released in Great Britain on December 10 1966. "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" ended up being the last track on the UK Parlophone LP "Help!" on side two. Since both songs were not to end up on the movie soundtrack, the songs were sent to Capitol headquarters in Los Angeles and used for "Beatles VI".

The front cover of the LP features a colour photo of the Beatles holding a large knife to cut through a cake. The LP title is in a rust colour while the blurb "The world's most popular foursome! John Paul George Ringo". The 11 song titles are underneath and the Capitol logo to the right.

The back cover features four black and white photos of the Beatles at EMI studios: John in sunglasses holding a microphone, Paul at the piano, George with his Rickenbaker and Ringo at the timpani. The LP title and track listing are to the left. Some copies have the blurb: See label for correct playing order as the art work for the LP was completed before the order of the songs was established by Capitol. Other copies have the tracklisting in the correct order with the two distinctive sides printed in order. Five mini black and white LP covers are promoted below the four individual Beatles photos: In the US: "Something New", "Second Album", "The Beatles' Story", "Meet The Beatles" and "Beatles' 65". In Canada: "Beatles '65", "Beatlemania! With The Beatles", "Long Tall Sally", "Twist and Shout" and "Something New". Both versions feature these releases out of sequence.

The labels use the classic black with rainbow style with blue/white perimeter print. The material consists of the following songs: "Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey" (shown as "Kansas City" on the labels and back cover for this release) from the UK Parlophone LP "Beatles For Sale". Next is "Eight Days A Week" also from the latter, "You Like Me Too Much" is from the upcoming UK Parlophone LP "Help!" as a non-film tune. "Bad Boy" which is mentioned above and side one ends with two songs from the UK Parlophone LP "Beatles For Sale": "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" and "Words Of Love". Side two opens with "What You're Doing" from the UK Parlophone LP "Beatles For Sale", next is a B side of "Ticket To Ride" entitled "Yes It is", after that is "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" which is mentioned above, "Tell Me What You See" from the upcoming UK Parlophone LP "Help!" as a non-film tune. The LP ends with the song "Every Little Thing" which is originally from the UK Parlophone LP "Beatles For Sale".

So you can understand that this LP is quite a mis-mash using LP tracks from two UK LPs, plus a B side, plus a unique recording.

Inner sleeves for this release feature either the white sleeve with gold and silver perimeter print of "Capitol Records Inc" (in the US) OR the olive-green inner sleeve featuring mini black and white LP covers including "Beatles' 65" and "The Early Beatles". In Canada, most stereo copies came with the Capitol/Pathe red and white inner sleeves and most mono copies didn't come with a proper inner sleeve.

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