Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ain't She Sweet LP

This "cash-in" LP was released in both Canada and the United States on or about October 05 1964 by the Atco record company. The LP was released in the mono format for Canada and the catalogue number is ATCO 33-169. No stereo versions of the LP were released in Canada.

Two formats were released in the United States. The LP was released in the mono format in the United States and the catalouge number is ATCO 33-169. The LP was released in the stereo format in the United States and the catalogue number is ATCO SD-33-169.

This LP contains only four tracks by the Beatles that were recorded in Hamburg, Germany with only one track that features vocals from a Beatle (John for the title track). The other three tracks feature Tony Sheridan on vocals with the Beatles backing. The remaining eight tracks on the LP are performed by a group calling themselves "The Swallows" and they perform cover versions of Beatles, Gerry and The Pacemakers and Freddie and the Dreamers tunes.

The front covers for both countries are identical with a black background and the title song and artists written in lined red, blue, green and prominent white. The entire title of the LP is actually: "ain't she sweet - The Beatles & Other Great Group Sounds From England". The ATCO logo is on the bottom and the catalogue number below it. The stereo version on the front cover has the word "Stereo" and the catalogue number at the top.

The back cover has a white background with black print. The ATCO and catalogue number are at the upper left and the ARCO logo at the upper right. The title and full name of the LP are below and the the track listing with side one on the left and side two on the right follow. The second, third and fourth songs list "The Beatles" as the artist. Some back covers in the US add "with Tony Sheridan" to the credits. Silly liner notes are written below the track listings. The US ATCO records address is printed at the center bottom whereas the Canadian copies have the blurb: "Distributed in Canada by London Records of Canada Ltd.". Stereo copies in the US have the stereo designation at the upper right of the back cover.

The labels for Canadian copies are black with silver print. The US mono labels are tan, white and blue-gray and the credits read either "The Beatles" or "The Beatles with Tony Sheridan" beside the second, third and fourth tunes. The stereo copies are not true stereo but simply re-channelled mono (highs on one end and lows on the other)!

This LP was re-issued approximately one year later (summer 1965;Spizer) as "The Amazing Beatles & Other Great English Group Songs" on Clarion 601 (mono) and Clarion SD-601 (stereo). This time the cover was a drawing of the faceless Fabs with a blue and purple background. The title is in white with the songs written in black against a red back ground. Stereo copies of the front cover have the "stereo" designation and catalogue number at the top rather than having the catalogue number at the bottom for the mono copies. The back covers are all white with 21 LP covers. Various versions abound with one version being generic, one version showing a British flag and one with the current front cover photo. The labels for the Clarion issue has red, white and blue labels for the mono copies and Green, white and orange for the stereo copies with the word "stereo" in green. This re-issue was only released in the United States.

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