Saturday, May 1, 2010

Please Don't Be Long

The next song on the Capitol LP/CD "Magical Mystery Tour" is an original composition written by George Harrison entitled "Blue Jay Way". The song was written while Mr. Harrison was in Los Angeles, California and was waiting for a friend (Derek Taylor) to arrive. "Blue Jay Way" was the name of the street in the Hollywood Hills where George was staying in a rented house at the time.

The basic track for the song was recorded on Wednesday September 06 1967 from EMI studio two. This consisted of George playing a hammond organ along with John, Paul on bass and Ringo on the drums. This recording filled up the four tracks

The next day on Thursday September 07 1967 also at EMI studio two, the tape reduction occurred in order to have all four tracks mixed down to two tracks brining the song to take 2. Added to this were the following overdubs: two George Harrison lead vocals with plenty of "flanging" added. Another reduction brining the song to take 3. Now the backing vocals of John and Paul were added to the song as another overdub and this was also treated with "flanging" and occasionally were played backwards !!

On September 16 1967 in EMI studio three, a mono demo mix was made for the "Magical Mystery Tour" film producer Denis O'Dell and taken away for the film production. Although this version was never released commercially, this is the version that George mimes to in the film.

The final recording overdub for "Blue Jay Way" was carried out on Friday October 06 1967 at EMI Studio two where the last track of the tape filled out with tambourine and a cello.

On Thursday October 12 1967 in EMI studio three, eight mono mixes were attempted for "Blue Jay Way" as well as placing an edit in the song (although there is no documentation as to where exactly that edit occurs). None of the eight mono mixes from this day were released commercially.

Finally, on Tuesday November 07 1967 from the control room of EMI studio two, several attempts at a stereo mix was completed for "Blue Jay Way". It was decided during the stereo mixing to add some additiona backwards tape inserted randomly into the song. This was too difficult to reproduce during the mono-remixing, therefore the commercial versions of the song have the backwards tapes in stereo but not in mono. Both mono and stereo mixes for "Blue Jay Way" were completed at this session. A tape copy of the mixes were also tape copied and sent away to Capitol Records in Los Angeles for commercial release.

"Blue Jay Way" is available on the Parlophone UK 2-EP set: "Magical Mystery Tour" as well as the North American Capitol LP/CD "Magical Mystery Tour".

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