Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Beatles

"The Beatles" was the first double LP of original material released in the UK on November 22 1968. The LP was released three days later in North American on November 25 1968.

"The Beatles" was released on the Apple label (the first Beatles LP to do so) although the distribution of the Apple label was still handled by Parlophone in the UK and Capitol/ Capitol of Canada in the United States and Canada respectively.

"The Beatles" was released in two formats for the UK: A mono version ( PMC 7067/68 ) and a stereo version ( PCS 7067/68 ). "The Beatles" was released in only one format for North America: a stereo version (SWBO-101). There were no mono versions of "The Beatles" produced for the North American market.

"The Beatles" cover consisted of an all-white front and back with "The Beatles" embossed on the front and a serial number stamped onto the front cover. The numbers vary due to the various pressing plants manufacturing the cover as well as the country of origin. The LP also contained two vinyl records with a full Apple label on the first and third sides and half of a sliced Apple on the second and fourth sides. Due to the cover being completely white (although the numbering, the writing on the spine and the word "stereo" on the UK/north American stereo pressings are a light grey ). The double LP also came with four individual glossy photos of each Beatles and there was also a poster with a collage of photos on one side and the lyrics and credits on the other side. Due to the fact that the cover was wholly white, the double LP came to be known as "The White Album".

There are , of course, label variations. Original UK pressings came with the "Sold in UK..." print on the labels. Some US pressings have "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" simply written on the label as "Bungalow Bill".

"The White Album" is one of the top selling double LPs of all time.

The first recording session for the "White Album" was on Thursday May 30 1968 and the last recording session for the "White Album" was on Monday October 14 1968.

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