Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aerial Tour Instrumental

The next song on the Capitol LP of the "Magical Mystery Tour" is an instrumental/chant original written by Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starr and is one of the few instrumentals performed and written by the group during thier career entitled "Flying'. This was originally considered as incidental music for a segment of the television special where clouds are shown with different coloured filters. When the television special was shown in the UK for the first time; it was shown in black and white therefore ruining the original intention of the segment.

The song was recorded on September 08 1967 at EMI studio three with Paul on bass, Ringo on the drums, George on guitar and John on the organ. It's basically a form of a 12 bar blues with improvisation. It took six takes to complete with take 6 being the best of the bunch. Also added were backwards organ sounds which were dropped into the tune. Finally, the four track was filled so that two reductions was made taking the song into take 08. Onto take 08 went the overdubs on a mellotron keyboard as well as the chanting by all four Beatles although I really hear Ringo mixed a little forward. The song at this point ended with a dixieland type jazzy ending. The song was then mixed in mono and pressed on an acetate intended for the television special. It can be heard in this form on the CD "Unsurpassed Masters Three".

More overdubbing for the tune took place on Thursday September 28 1967 at EMI studio two. More mellotron (by John), guitar (by George) and percussion (by Ringo) were added to the song. Finally, a series of backwards mellotron sounds were compiled by John and Ringo and this was added to the end of the tune while the dixieland ending was discarded. The commercial version contains the mellotron sounds. Three mono mixes of "Flying" were completed at this session; the last one being released commercially.

The stereo mix was completed on November 07 1967 from the control room of EMI studio two.

"Flying" appears on the Parlophone 2-EP "Magical Mystery Tour" as well as the North American Capitol LP/CD "Magicaly Mystery Tour".

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