Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lift Up Your Hearts And Sing Me A Song

The next song on the North American Capitol LP/CD is an original Lennon/McCartney composition written mainly by Paul entitled "Your Mother Should Know". This is a vaudeville type number that was used as one of the last songs mimed in the film.

The basic track for the song was recorded on August 22 1967 but not at EMI studios. The session for this day and the next day were both held at Chappell Recording Studios in London. EMI studios were booked for the two evenings so the Beatles and George Martin decided to use this differenct studio instead. At this session, the piano played by Paul and drums played by Ringo were recorded in eight takes as the basic track and lead vocals were overdubbed by Paul on take 08.

The next session at Chappell took place the next day on August 23 1967 and the four track tape was reduced to two. Overdubbed at this session were the backing vocals during the chorus. An acetate of the recording as it stood is available on the bootleg LP "Not For Sale".

On Saturday September 16 1967, the Beatles returned to EMI studios number three and tried a re-make of the song due to being unsatisfied with the earlier version recorded at Chappell. 11 more takes were required and the song was started from scratch. Paul played the harmonium and sand a guide vocal while Ringo added a military style beat . Also added were bongos and a piano. None of these 11 takes were ever commercially released with the exception of take 27 being feaured on the Apple/EMI/Capitol 3-LP/2-CD "Anthology 2". This version was eventually scrapped and the Beatles returned to the original version done at Chappell.

On Friday September 29 1967 at EMI studio two, it was decided to finish up the recording of the song. A tape reduction occurred and Paul added his bass to the song, while on another track John added the organ and Paul shook a tambourine. The song was complete and "Your Mother Should Know" was mixed to mono although this attempt was not released commercially.

Four more mono mixes were attempted on Monday October 02 1967 from EMI studio two. The last one was used on the commericial version. A lot of ADT and flanging was used for the mono mix.

The song was mixed for stereo on November 06 1967 from the control room of EMI studio three. This time the vocals on the stero mix were panned left and right and there is a lot less flanging on the stereo mix compared to the mono mix.

"Your Mother Should Know" was released on the Parlophone UK 2-EP set "Magical Mystery Tour" as well as being released in North America on the Capitol LP/CD "Magical Mystery Tour".

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