Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This was the last phase of the Beatles' recording career starting in 1968 and lasting until the first month of 1970. The Beatles had now moved on and had gotten past the psychedelic phase and starting with the first single of 1968, gotten back into the "Roots Rock" phase of their career. They did not completely abandon the psychedelic tinge at the beginning of 1968 as witnessed by the B-side of the first single of the year as well as the early takes of "Across The Universe" which featured some studio trickery and Indian instruments.

This was also the year that saw the Beatles release their music on their own label (Apple) and also saw the first double LP from the group containing all new recordings. Most of the songs for the new double LP would be written or inspired by a trip to India made early in the year. Eventually, demos for the songs would be recorded and then the proper recordings at EMI studio would start in May and basically go through the summer into October.

Another amazing feat would transpire when the Beatles released their career best single in August of 1968 which would feature to very different songs staying for the longest time in the charts.

1968 was also the year where the Beatles would work a little less collectively in certain instances as they were slowly drifting apart professionally and personally.

We will now look into the commercial recordings of the Beatles from the beginning of 1968 up until the last recordings in January 1970.

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