Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There's People Standing Round Who Screw You In The Ground

The next song on the wonderful Parlophone UK LP "Revolver" is an original composition by George Harrison entitled "Love You To". Yes, that's right. You've read it the way it was written - not quite a grammer grabber, but nonetheless, very effective. This Indian sounding tune was inspired by what George was having with his influence via India and studying with the great master Ravi Shankar. This raga rock type tune was very original and included not just Indian instruments, but a great guitar part brought out in the mix of the "Yellow Submarine Songtrack". Give it a listen and experience pure fuzz guitar bliss !!

The song was first attempted at EMI studio two on Monday April 11 1966. The song at the time had a working title of "Granny Smith" named after the apple (ironic that the Granny Smith apple would be featured on all Apple records labels). The basic track at this session featured the composer with acoustic guitar, Paul on backing vocals and sitar, tabla, bass and the fuzz guitar. The tabla was played by a gentleman named Anil Bhagwar and he actually got a credit on the back cover of the LP !! There were six takes of the song recorded on this day and a mono mix was made for George to take away as a vinyl acetate. Two days later on April 13, 1966 the working title for the song remained "Granny Smith" and there were overdubs added onto the basic track including the lead vocals doubled up and some tambourine from Ringo. Paul added a high harmony that was never used on any mixes from this point on. Three mono mixes of "Granny Smith" were completed and edited on this day in studio three.

On Monday May 16, some tape coyping of the three various edit pieces used to make up the mono mix were completed thereby making the mono mix "remix 5". This mish-mash was used as the final mono mix. The tape copying and mix were completed at EMI studio two. The stereo mix was conducted on Tuesday June 21 1966 from the control room of studio three. In fact, at this point the tune was still named "Granny Smith". Both the editing and three stereo mix attempts were conducted at this session. The mono mix tends to be a little longer during the fade out than the stereo mix. Between this stereo mix and the LPs release, the song title was named to the familiar "Love You To".

This "deep track" was released on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Revolver" as well as the North American Capitol version of the LP "Revolver. There is also a remixed version available on the EMI/Apple LP-CD "Yellow Submarine Songtrack".

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