Thursday, February 25, 2010

And In Her Eyes, You See Nothing.

The next song on the fabulous Parlophone UK LP "Revolver" is probably one of my favourites. It is an original Lennon/McCartney composition written mainly by Paul entitled "For No One". This is a baroque style love song that describes a lost love and the sadness and observation of the breaking down of a relationship. A very beautiful melody and very simple. This song features only two Beatles playing instruments on the track ( a very rare occurrence during this time period and a sign of things to come). Only Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are featured on the recording of this tune. The musical sense and play on the bass notes of the keyboards as well as the overall melody and song structure are one of Paul's best. It isn't too bad lyrically either. The song was written by Paul as he was on holiday with his then-girlfriend Jane Asher in late March 1966 during a skiing holiday in Switzerland.

"For No One" was first recorded on Monday May 09 1966 at EMI studio two. The rhythm track consisted of Paul on the piano and Ringo on drums. It took ten takes to perfect. Once this was complete, the overdub of a clavichord (by Paul) and percussion (by Ringo) were added to the existing basic track.

A week later on Monday May 16 1966 once again in EMI studio two, the vocals for the tune were added onto the recording. This filled up the four track and a tape reduction was completed by taking take 10 and the reduction being called takes 13 and 14 - there were no 11 and 12 for some unknown reason. The tape was slowed down during the vocal overdub so that when it was played back, Paul's voice was heard slightly faster than it usually would have been.

Finally on Thursday May 19 1966 from EMI studio three came the very last overdubs: a french horn solo, Paul's bass and Ringo's tambourine. The solo was played by Alan Civil who was a member of the London Philharmonia.

On Monday June 06 1966 from the control room of EMI studio three six attempts at a mono mix were attempted from take 14 but none were used. On Tuesday June 21 1955 "For No One" was mixed in both mono and stereo from the control room of EMI studio three. There were two mono remixes (7 and 8 from take 14) and one stereo mix ( 1 also from take 14) that were deemed satisfactory for release.

"For No One" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Revolver" as well as the North American Capitol version of the LP "Revolver". The song can also be found on the EMI/Capitol compilation 2-LP "Love Songs" as well as the EMI/Capitol of Canada release of the LP "The Beatles Ballads".

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