Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She Knows She's Looking Fine

The next song on the fantastic Parlophone UK LP "Revolver" is the first song on the second side of the LP or the eighth song on the CD version. It's an original Lennon/McCartney composition written mainly by Paul entitled "Good Day Sunshine". The tune was inspired by the Lovin' Spoonful style of music and this particular song featured the piano work of the main composer.

The song was recorded under the working title "A Good Day's Sunshine" on Wednesday June 08 1966 at EMI studio two. After some rehearsal, three proper rhythm tracks attempts were made and the first of these (take 1) was used as the basic track of the commercial release. Once the rhythm track was completed, McCartney's lead vocal and back up vocals from John and George were recorded over the existing basic track.

The next day on June 09 1966 and once again in EMI studio two the task at this recording session was to record overdubs in order to complete the song. These included the honky-tonk type solo that was played in the break. The song was slowed down while the piano was played which made it sould a little faster on play back. The solo honky-tonk piano was played by George Martin. Ringo added some cymbal work for the song as well as some extra snare drum for the coda and the fade out. Finally, handclaps were added to the recording by the band and the end vocals were added (including contributions from Paul, John and George). At the end of the session, six mono mixes were attempted with one of the mixes made especially for the ending while the rest of the mixes were attempted for the whole song. None of these mixes were used for the commercial release.

"Good Day Sunshine" was mixed for both mono and stereo on Wednesday June 22 1966 from the control room of EMI studio three. The difference between the mono and stereo mix is mainly at the end of the song before it start to fade out. On the stereo mix, the rhythm section is faded out prematurely while on the mono mix it is faded out smoothly with the rotating vocals. Therefore you hear more drums on the mono mix.

"Good Day Sunshine" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Revolver" as well as on the North American version of the Capitol LP "Revolver". Another great deep track.

I personally witnessed a live performance of "Good Day Sunshine" performed by Paul McCartney at the Montreal Forum on December 09 1989 and it is available on the EMI 12 inch single/CD single "Birthday".

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