Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Might Not Have Been Like This

The second last track on side two of the Parlophone UK LP "Rubber Soul" or the thirteenth track of the UK CD of the same title is the second George Harrison composed original from the "Rubber Soul" sessioins entitled "If I Needed Someone". This is definitely a highlight of the album as it featured wonderful three part harmonies and a great 12 string electric guitar riff. It sounds a lot like the Byrds. At the time, the Hollies (EMI label mates of the Beatles) covered the song and reportedly Harrison was not impressed by the cover.

The basic track for "If I Needed Someone" was undertaken on Saturday October 16 1965 at EMI studio two and was completed after one take ( a lot of rehearsal and arranging taking place, I'm sure as it is a fairly complicated song). Overdubs on the basic track were recorded two days later on October 18 1965 with the addition of George's main vocals and backing vocals by John and Paul. A tambourine and additional guitar were also overdubbed at the session. As with the basic track, the overdubs were also recorded at EMI studio two.

The mono mix for "If I Needed Someone" was conducted from the control room of studio two on Monday October 25 1965 and the stereo mix was conducted the next day on Tuesday October 26 1965 also from the control room of studio two. There was also a second stereo mix conducted in the 1980's for the CD release which saw the vocals slightly centered.

"If I Needed Someone" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Rubber Soul" as well as the North American Capitol LP "Yesterday...And Today". Oddly enough, this song was also included on the EMI/Parlophone/Capitol LP/CD "The Best of George Harrison" which was released November 20 1976 in the UK and November 08 1976 in the US and Canada.

"If I Needed Someone" was performed live by Beatles for their British 1965 winter tour as well as their 1966 Far East/ North American tour.

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