Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Head Is Filled With Things To Say

The next song on the fantastic Parlophone UK LP is an original George Harrison composition (the third such tune on the LP) entitled "I Want To Tell You". A very cool fade in and fade out of the song which is the same effect used previously on "Eight Days A Week" and the tune also features a very off-key E with an F middle during the verses. The song went through a number of different titles during the recording process. At first...George Harrison had no title for the song and the engineer for the sessions (Geoff Emerick) decided to entitled the work in progress "Laxton's Superb" after a type of British Apple. This followed the previous composition where "Love You To" was briefly entitled "Granny Smith" which was also a type of British Apple. Anyway, the song was called "Laxton's Superb" for a couple of session then the title was switched to "I Don't Know" which was an answer that was previously given by George when asked for a proper title. Finally, during a tape copy session (see below) the tune was given it's final name : "I Want To Tell You".

The recording of "I Want To Tell You" was completed fairly quickly. The first session was on Thursday June 02 1966 at EMI studio two. Five takes were recorded of the rhythm track and George had decided that the third attempt (take three) was the keeper. The rhythm track instruments included piano, guitar and drums. Harrison overdubbed his lead vocal with John and Paul overdubbing the backing vocals. All vocals overdubbed onto take three. Percussion in the form of maracas and tambourine and a bit of piano were also added. Once this was completed, a tape reduction of the four tracks into two made it into take four. Onto this handclaps were added to the song by the group. The next day on Friday June 03 1966 at EMI studio two the bass guitar played by Paul was overdubbed onto the song. This would be the norm during 1967 for the Beatles: the bass guitar would start to be more and more prominent on the songs and usually a channel was usually left open for the bass overdub as the recordings went along.

Once the bass was overdubbed, four mono mixes were completed from EMI studio two and on Friday June 03 1966. Three evenings later on Monday June 06 1966, "I Want to Tell You" was subjected to tape copying from the control room of EMI studio three. The purpose for the tape copying remains a mystery to me. Finally, On Tuesday June 21 1966 and from the control room of EMI studio three, "I Want To Tell You" was mixed for stereo. Two remixes were required.

"I Want To Tell You" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Revolver" as well as the North American Capitol LP version of "Revolver".

A live version of "I Want To Tell You" from the early 1990s performed by George Harrison with Eric Clapton and his band can be found on the Dark Horse/Warner Bros. Double LP/2-CD: "Live In Japan". It is the opening song.

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