Sunday, December 27, 2009

Please Remember How I Feel About You

The next song on the fifth Parlophone UK LP/CD is an original George Harrison tune entitled "I Need You". This was inspired by his then girlfriend, Pattie Boyd. The scene from the film "Help!" in which the song is played is also from Salisbury Field near Stonehenge. The Beatles are surrounded by the English Army for "protection" from the evil villains.

The first recording for the song took place at EMI in studio two and the session took place on Monday February 15 1965 with the Beatles playing five takes of the basic track. The song was left in this state until the next day Tuesday February 16 1965 when cowbell percussion and George's electric guitar (featuring a volume/tone pedal) were overdubbed. George Harrison also added his double-tracked vocals at this stage. John and Paul added backing vocals as well.

"I Need You" was mixed for mono later on the same week - Thursday February 18 1965 in fact from the control room of studio two. Finally, "I Need You" was mixed for stereo on February 23 1965 also from the control room of studio two. Finally, "I Need You" was the second George Harrison composition to appear on a Beatles Parlophone LP. There would be another featured later on the same LP which will be discussed in a later post.

"I Need You" appears on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Help!" as well as the North American Capitol version of the LP/CD "Help!". The song also appeard on the EMI/Capitol 2-LP compilation "Love Songs".

"I Need You" was never performed live apart from the miming of the tune for the film.

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