Monday, December 21, 2009

Man Buy Ring, Woman Throw It Away.

Well, you can't win em all...haha. The next goody was originally intended as strictly a B-side to the "Help!" single. This was the second time in 1965 that the Beatles recorded a tune for the express purpose of having a B-side for thier 45 single. The first one being "Yes It Is". In contrast, this original Lennon/McCartney composition mainly written by Paul was entitled "I'm Down".

"I'm Down" was written in the Little Richard style. A great Rock and Roll number screamed by Paul with a great guitar solo by George and electric organ by John. A rocking little number that has remained one of my favourites over the year. This just goes to show you that although Paul McCartney had always been tagged with the "ballad" writer of silly love songs, there were certainly great rockin' numbers to had by Mr. McCartney including this one.

"I'm Down" was recorded at EMI studio two on Monday June 14 1965 and it took seven takes to perfect. Overdubs for the song included bongos, some backing vocals and a bit of the organ solo and guitar solo dropped in. The song was then mixed for both mono and stereo on Friday June 18 1965 from the control room of studio two. The mono mix lasts a few seconds longer than the stereo mix. Also, there is a guitar leakage (from an earlier attempt?) that can be heard during the guitar solo on the stereo mix. Take one of the recording can be heard on the Apple 2-LP/3-CD "Anthology 2".

"I'm Down" was never released on an LP during the Beatles career. It was only released as a B-side of "Help!" in the UK (Parlophone R 5305) and in North America (Capitol 5476). It was first released on LP in 1976 on the EMI/Capitol 2-LP "Rock And Roll Music" and on the Parlophone UK LP "Rarities". It can also be found on the Apple/EMI/Capitol 2-LP "Past Masters Volume One and Two" and the Apple/EMI/Capitol CD "Past Masters Volume Two". On the remasters, it is on the Apple 2-CD "Mono Masters" and the remastered Apple 2-CD "Past Masters".

"I'm Down" was performed live during both the 1965 and the 1966 tours ; usually ending the set. A performance can be viewed on the September 1965 "Ed Sullivan Show" as well as the Shea Stadium television special and bootlegs. A version with Beatles footage can be viewed on Paul McCartney Hear music DVD "Good Evening, New York City".

"I'm Down" was not performed for BBC radio.

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