Saturday, December 5, 2009

For Tomorrow May Rain

The fifth song on the Parlophone UK LP is entitled "I'll Follow The Sun". As with the previous three UK LPs, this record also featured the power ballad. Let's review: on the first LP it was "A Taste of Honey", on the second LP it was "Till There Was You" and on the third LP it was "And I Love Her". Ironically, all three ballads featuring the voice of Paul McCartney. Well, this was not an exception and once again we are graced with Paul's singing voice for this Lennon/McCartney original. Although it sounds like Paul double-tracked, it is actually John doubling Paul's vocal and adding harmony in the middle eight. This was written mainly by Paul and is an oldie as it is featured on some bootlegs of Quarrymen rehearsals. The tune has not changed much up until 1964 with the exception of the middle eight.

"I'll Follow The Sun" was recorded on Sunday October 18 1964 at EMI studio two. It took eight takes to perfect. All of the seven previous takes had featured an acoustic guitar solo but the commercial take featured George's electric guitar solo instead. The song was mixed for mono in room 65 of Abbey Road three days later on October 21 1964. The song was mixed for stereo on November 04 1964 in the control room of Studio two.

"I'll Follow The Sun" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Beatles For Sale" as well as the North American Capitol LP/CD "Beatles '65". The song also appears on the EMI/Capitol compilation 2-LP "Love Songs".

"I'll Follow The Sun" was never performed live in concert but was performed live once for the BBC on the show "Top Gear". This particular performance can be heard on the Apple EP/CD "Baby It's You".

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