Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Just A 1,2,3,4....5,6,7,8..9.

The last song on side one of the Parlophone UK LP "Beatles For Sale" or the seventh song on the CD version is another cover tune that was originally performed by Little Richard. The song is a medley of two and is entitled "Kansas City/ Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey". Interestingly, the first copies (mono and stereo) of the Parlophone LP as well as the Capitol LP both show the song as "Kansas City"and they have the composers credit as "Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller". There is no mention of the "Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey" part and the fact that this section was written by "Richard Penniman" (Little Richard). The later Parlophone black and silver labels show the song as a medly indicated both songs and when the "Beatles For Sale" title was released on CD in 1987, it also included both "Kansas City" and "Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey". A fine Rock and Roll cover performed by the Beatles (with George Martin on piano) with a great vocal by Paul McCartney who, by the way, was and is an intense fan of Little Richard.

"Kansas City/ Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey" was recorded on Sunday October 18 1964 at EMI studio two and although there were two takes, the first take was deemed as the keeper thereby making this song another one-take wonder along with previous gems such as "Twist and Shout", "Boys", "Chains", "Long Tall Sally", "Rock and Roll Music", etc. There was a second take attempted and although it was not included on the "Beatles For Sale" LP, it is available for your ears on the Apple 2-CD, 3-LP "Anthology 1".

A bit of a rarity as far as mixing goes, both the mono and the stereo mix were both conducted on the same day - October 26 1964 in the control room of Studio two. The stereo mix is slightly longer in the fade out than the mono mix.

"Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Beatles For Sale" as well as the North American Capitol LP/CD "Beatles VI" (the opening track) and is also on the EMI/Capitol compilation 2-LP "Rock and Roll Music".

The song was performed in the early days including Hamburg Germany and a performance is included on the Lingasong 2-LP "The Beatles Live at The Star Club". It was also performed for the US television show "Shindig" in early 1965.

"Kansas City/ Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey" was performed three times for BBC Radio. The first time was for "Pop Go the Beatles" episode eight, the second time was on "From Us to You" and the final time was on "Saturday Club". A BBC performance can be heard on the Apple 2-LP, 2-CD "Live At the BBC".

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