Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here I Stand, Head In Hand

The next song on the fifth Parlophone UK LP "Help!" soundtrack is an original Lennon/McCartney tune mainly written by John entitled "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away". This song is a mainly acoustic number and is prominently influenced by the work of Bob Dylan which Lennon (and Harrison) were listening to a lot during this period. There is a scene in the film where Lennon is miming to the song and playing a Framus 12 string "Hootananny"guitar. There is a small flute solo at the end of the song and it has the distinction of using one of the first outside musicians (besides the Beatles and George Martin) to play on an EMI Beatles recording (with the exception of drummer Andy White). The song is in three-quarter time - like a waltz.

"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" was recorded on Thursday February 18 1965 at EMI studio two. The song took nine takes to complete. Take one ( a breakdown ) and take five complete are available on the Apple 3-LP, 2-CD "Anthology 2". Two flutes were overdubbed, alto and tenor. "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" was mixed for mono on February 20 1965 from the control room of studio two and mixed for stereo three days later February 23 1965 also from the control room of studio two.

"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Help!" as well as the North American Capitol version LP/CD "Help!". It is also featured on the Apple 2-LP/2-CD "The Beatles 1962-1966" compilation and the EMI/Capitol 2-LP: "Love Songs" and can be heard on the EMI/Capitol LP "Reel Music" and lastly it appears on the Parlophone/EMI LP "The Beatles Ballads".

The song was never performed live.

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