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A favourite phrase and another of the series of "Doo-Wop" type sorta like covers, the next song on the Beatles debut LP was a cover of the Shirelles' "Baby It's You". This was the second Shirelles song covered by the Beatles on their first LP ( the first one being Ringo's feature: "Boys" ) and it has a someone girl group slow, sensual feel to it. I've discovered over the last few weeks how much the Beatles were influenced by Doo-Wop and yet it's not mentioned often in books and it's also not much of a subject covered by Beatles intelligensia.'s definitely there on the debut. Not so much on the second LP which has a more "motown" feel, but I think I'm kinda getting ahead of myself here.

"Baby It's You" was written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach and is sang by John with backup from the other two main singers (Paul and George, of course). It's a great lead vocal and shows how much "feel" John Lennon had in his ability to be passionate vocally. It still blows me away knowing that the guy had a serious cold and this session was completed in the evening so John had been basically singing all day yet the nice, smooth and soft vocal comes through clear as a bell. As well as a soft side, when John gets harsher near the end of the verses, it sends chills down the spine. The instrumental side of the song is very sparse. Nice.

The song was completed in three takes.

This song was only performed twice on BBC radio. The first time was on "Side by Side" and the second time was on "Pop Go The Beatles" program 2. I highly recommend you to go out and pick up the Apple CD/45 EP single of "Baby It's You" which has the "Pop Go The Beatles" version on it. The live version was originally recorded for the BBC on June 01 1963 and aired over British radio on June 11 1963. It's an outstanding live performance. Very rich sounding. Mono, of course as all BBC material has only been available in this format. Also recommended from the same CD/45 EP is the BBC live version of "I'll Follow The Sun" but this will be discussed when we get to the material from the fourth LP.

As well as being available on the "Please Please Me" LP/CD, this song is also featured on the US Vee Jay "Introducing the Beatles" LP, the Canadian 6000 series "Twist and Shout" LP and the Capitol US "The Early Beatles" LP/CD.

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