Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post Script

Yeah, "Post Script" as opposed to "Post Card", the Apple LP by Mary Hopkin ( I had to throw that in..hahaha).

The next song on the debut LP is also the B side to the first single: "P.S. I Love You" written mainly by Paul. The song was recorded September 11 1962 in Abbey Road at the same time as the Andy White version of "Love Me Do". Therefore, Andy White once again plays the drums on this while Ringo is given the task of shaking the maracas. It definitely has a bit of a latin feel to it. Nice harmonies and the vocal improvisations are super cool on this one. It's a very catchy song and guaranteed to be playing inside your head one of these days when you listen to it often enough. It took 10 takes until perfection was achieved. There are no outtakes that I have ever heard of this song. Pity, really.

During Paul McCartney's 1989-90 tour, he combined "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You" into a groove-rap type song: "P.S. Love Me Do" which is not very good and more of a novelty more than anything else. Also, McCartney owns the publishing rights to the two songs through his MPL organization.

The song was performed live on BBC radio three times: Once on "Here We go", the second time on "The Talent Spot" and the final time on "Pop Go the Beatles" program 4.

Besides the "Please Please Me" debut LP/CD, the song also appeared on the US Vee Jay "Introducing the Beatles" LP (first version), the Canadian Capitol 6000 series "Twist and Shout"LP, the US Capitol "The Early Beatles" LP/CD and the EMI "Love Songs" 2-LP set.

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