Monday, September 21, 2009

Go to Him...

The third song from the debut album is also the first "cover" song we hear from the Beatles. The title is "Anna (Go to Him)" which was a composition by Arthur Alexander. Three takes were performed and I'm assuming that the third was the keeper. A live in the studio performance with one of the most passionate vocal passages by John Lennon. Simply a D to Bm verse, the song starts off softly and envelopes into a strong chorus and amazingly brilliant middle eight. Considering Lennon had a very heavy cold this day, the vocal is absolutely stunning and spectacular with great support by Paul and George. The song was from later in the sessions - recorded in the evening - but the freshness and vitality of this performance tells us that the Beatles were putting everything they could into the recording as it is simply one of the most beautiful and well accomplished musical numbers on the debut LP. It simply has to be heard to be believed !!
"Anna (Go to Him)" was performed twice on BBC radio. Once on the "Pop Go the Beatles" program 4 and again on "Pop Go the Beatles" program 11.
This song is also available on the US "Introducing the Beatles" (Vee Jay), the Canadian 6000 series "Twist and Shout" LP as well as the US "The Early Beatles" (Capitol).

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