Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hi everyone and Welcome !!

What I'm doing is I'm going to create a Beatles blog like never before! I've been a second generation fan since 1969 and have lived through the Apple era and have collected the Beatles music ever since.
The whole point of the blog is to create discussion of not only the music, but all recordings in all formats related to the music of the Beatles!
Feel free to comment on anything you feel like commenting about as long as it's music related. I"ve been a musican (still am) and have been in recording studios and love to talk Beatles. International label variations, UK, Canada and US pressings and re-issues not only on vinyl but CD are certainly welcome.
I'll soon be reviewing the mono remasters in a short while once I've finish studying and listening to the contents. I consider myself a Beatles scholar and I welcome all feed back. So...sit back and we'll get started very soon....stay tuned.


  1. Looking forward to reading your BLOG.

  2. I'll definitely follow and hopefully contribute in some way when possible! Looking forward to your Remastered review.