Friday, September 25, 2009

I Love You- Woo-Woo-Woo-Woo

The next four songs on the debut LP are basically the second and first side B and A of the second single and first and second side A and B of the first single. So now we start with the B side of the second single entitled "Ask Me Why". This is one of four released Beatles songs that were recorded the year before (1962) and both singles were successful enough to warrant the LP. Confused yet?

It's quite simple. The B side of the second single was recorded in six takes on Monday November 26 1962. There were two contenders for the B side of the single at that particular session. The recording notes show that it was a toss up between "Ask Me Why" and "Tip of My Tongue". Both original Lennon/McCartney songs. Or rather, McCartney/ Lennon songs until August 1963 when the switch was made. "Ask Me Why" was obviously chosen and "Tip of My Tongue" was never officially released by the Beatles. The song was "given away" to an artist called Tommy Quickly and it's gotta be one of the worse Lennon/McCartney songs ever recorded as a cover. The song (done by Quickly) is absolutely horrible. I have never, ever heard the version recorded by the Beatles on this session. A shame. I'd love to hear what it sounded like. If you've heard it , let me know. The song "Ask Me Why" was mixed for mono four days later. It was mixed for "stereo" on February 25 1963. The Lewisohn recording session book states that "Ask Me Why" was mixed for mono on February 25 1963 but since it had already been mixed for mono on November 30 1962, I dunno why it would be mixed twice. Something does'nt jive.

"Ask Me Why" was also recorded earlier in the year (June 06) during the very first EMI session including John, Paul George and Pete Best. This is another version that I have not heard....yet.

Anyway, "Ask Me Why" was chosen and included on the debut. It's a fine song. I like it. Once again, it has the most "Doo-wop" influence of any recorded Beatles song that I can think of.

"Ask Me Why" was performed four times live for the BBC, twice on "Here We Go", once on "Talent Spot" and once for "Pop Go the Beatles" program 15.

As well as appearing on the "Please Please Me" UK debut LP/CD, the song "Ask Me Why" also appears on the US Vee Jay "Introducing the Beatles" LP, the Canadian Capitol 6000 series "Twist and Shout" LP, the Vee Jay "Jolly What! Frank Ifield On Stage" LP, Capitol's "The Early Beatles" LP/CD and the semi-legal Lingasong live version on "The Beatles Live at the Star Club Hambug, Germany 1962".

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