Sunday, November 18, 2012

"She Loves You" Remix Stereo 2

On July 01 1963 at EMI studios (Abbey Road) number two, The Beatles recorded both sides of their latest single. The A side was to be "She Loves You" while the B side was to be "Get You In The End". The title of the B side was changed, however, before release to "I'll Get You".
An interest bit of recording history: the original master reels for this session have been lost or destroyed by 1966. A little carelessness on behalf of EMI considering that this single was one of the best selling singles up to the time in the UK. Strange, in fact. The loss of the reels created a problem.
When came time to create a stereo mix for the A-side, it would be impossible to do correctly without the master reels. How to remix? Well, the EQ was re-arranged to have the bass in one channel (left) and the high end in the other channel (right). This concept was used on the EMI UK only LP "The Beatles Oldies...But Goldies" Christmas 1966 release. A little known fact is that there was another attempt to create a stereo remix (known as Remix Stereo 2) which basically moved the chorus and some guitar parts from the left channel to the right channgel. The RS 2 mix was never used but the take announcement (by Geoff Emerick) and the mix are available on bootleg.
Both announcements and mixes (stereo 1 and 2) for "She Loves You" can be found on "Abbey Road Tape Volume One" and on the CD "Turn Me On, Deadman"

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