Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Easy Beat" Live Performance

On June 19 1963, The Beatles headed to the Playhouse Theatre in London to perform in concert for a live audience. The occasion was also recorded for an episode of "Easy Beat" on BBC radio so I guess this falls under the catagory of both concert performance and radio performance.
The host for this show was Brian Matthew. The concert took place in the evening with a very enthusiastic audience of mainly young teenage girls (as was the norm for the time).
The first song to be played live for the crowd is the cover "Some Other Guy" with both John and Paul on the lead. This is followed by a slower song "A Taste of Honey" ; the cover from the first LP with Paul singing the lead. Next up are the two sides of the latest 45 single: both original material "Thank You Girl" with John and Paul on vocals and they end with the A-side "From Me To You" with once again John and Paul on vocals.
"Some Other Guy" and "Thank you Girl" made it to commercial release with the 2-LP/2-CD version of Apple's "Live At the BBC" while these tunes and the rest of the show can be found on the LP "The Beatles at The Beeb, Volume One" and the usual suspect on CD "The Complete BBC Sessions".

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