Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Pop Go the Beatles" episode number Five.

On July 02 1963 (the day after the recording session for the "She Loves You/I"ll Get You" single) The Beatles recorded a BBC radio performance at Studio Five, Maida Vale Studios in London. The host for the show on this particular day was Rodney Burke.
This is one of the best BBC shows that is available to the public. Most of the songs from this show are currently out in commercial form on the 2-LP/2-CD "Live At The BBC" from Apple. The show consists of only one song from the first LP and the rest of the tunes are covers that have never been recorded for commerical purposes (and never showed up on the official Beatles catalogue until 1995 and the above mentioned album).
The first song played is an Elvis cover "That's All Right Mama" which is sung by Paul. This is followed by "There's A Place" from the first LP. A Chuck Berry cover is up next with John singing "Carol". The next tune is one of my favourites; the soulful Arthur Alexander "Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)" - a great job by Lennon on this one. "Lend Me Your Comb" is performed after a short intro to the song by Rodney Burke and finally Paul lets out a great vocal for his cover of "Clarabella".
This particular episode has been heavily bootlegged on LP titles such as : "Piece Of Mind", "Rare Beatles", "Soldier of Love" "Broadcasts" "The Beatles At the Beeb, Volume Three" and on the complete sessions CD box set. As stated above, all of songs (with the exception of "There's A Place") have been commercially released on the Apple album but I've included it for continuity purposes.

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