Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Just Another "Saturday Club"

The Beatles recorded a "Saturday Club" radio show for the BBC on June 24 1963. The recording took place at the Playhouse Theatre in London. The host for this particular show was Brian Matthew.
This recording contains two covers, three upcoming tunes from the not-yet-released second LP "With The Beatles" and the current single.
Lots of Chuck Berry tunes on this show. In fact, the first cover is "I Got To Find My Baby" sung by John Lennon. This is followed by "Memphis, Tennessee" which is also sung by John. The third song in the set is the Motown "Money (That's What I Want)" which would be recorded for thier second LP and be the last track on side 2. Following this rocker, we hear Paul sing the showtune: "Till There Was You" - the song would also find it's way on the second LP. The current single "From Me To You" is performed next with John and Paul sharing vocals. Finally, we get to hear George on "Roll Over Beethoven". A version of this would turn up on the Beatles' second LP as well.
The vinyl LP "Outakes 1" (sic) feature some of the tunes while most of the show is available on the bootleg LP "The Beatles At the Beeb, Volume Two" and on CD as "The Complete BBC Sessions".

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