Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Beatles "LOVE" CD Sampler

Another project, another sampler. This time Apple released a CD Sampler for the "LOVE" project in both the UK and North America in the fall of 2006. The catalogue number on my copy is Apple 0946. My copy is a North American description with the major differences (as in most cases) is the placement of the "Capitol" or "Parlophone" logos and the "FBI" warning on the North American version but not on the UK versions.
The front cover has the Beatles logo in dark, dark brown (almost black) against a white background. The Beatles jumping silouettes are in red with the "LOVE" logo in red and black. There is small print along the bottom of the front cover stating "Licensed for promotional use only. See package for details".
The back cover features the artist and title written in the dark brown/black followed by the tracklisting, composer credits and publisher. The production credit of George Martin and son follows the tracklist. The Apple logo is to the left and the Capitol logo (in North America) or Parlophone logo (in the UK) is on the right. This is followed by the wetsite address and trademark information. On the North American copies, the FBI logo follows. Underneath all this at the bottom of the back cover is the copyright information. All the text is written against a white background.
The disc itself is silver with white perimeter print containing the all right /manufacturing information. The bottom of the CD has the "LOVE" logo in outline alont with the jumping silouettes. On the left is the Capitol and Apple logos (Parlophone for the UK) and to the right is the Compact Disc logo.
The CD contains four tracks from the commercial CD/2-LP: 1. Strawberry Fields Forever (Love Version). 2. Octopus's Garden (Love Version). 3. Lady Madonna (Love Version). 4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Love Version).
Each Beatle is represented beginning with John, then Ringo, then Paul, then George.

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