Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Beatles' The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 Sampler

Yes folks, the release of a new project and the obligatory CD sampler which was at this point becoming a habit (probably used more as collector's items than radio fare at this junction of time). The CD sampler for "The Capitol Albums Vol. 1" was released in early November 2004 and contains selective tracks from the upcoming 4-CD commercial set. The catalogue number for this sampler is Apple DPRO 7087.
The front cover consists of the round logo for the project with a black background and the artist logo in yellow and red with the rainbow perimeter colours. A playhole in the middle of the cover is white. The surrounding four front covers of the Capitol LPs contained within the project are shown with "Beatles '65" at the upper left, "Meet The Beatles" at the upper right, "Something New" at the lower left and "Second Album" at the lower right. No format designations are shown on the front covers.
The back cover consists of the same colours as the commercial version with yellow on top slowly morphing to orange, red, and purple (top to bottom). The band logo is black followed by the project title. The track listing follows with the stereo designation first and the mono designation second. The production credit "Produced by George Martin" is next. Under that, the composer's credit and a blurb promoting the upcoming project. Finally at the bottom, the Apple logo, Capitol logo, compace disc logo and FBI logo are all there as well as the copyright information.
On the CD label, the background is made to look like the classic Capitol label. the black background and the rainbow perimeter. The copyright and "all rights" information is written inside of the rainbow perimeter. The title is at the top, the Capitol logo on the left side and the catalogue number and compact disc logo on the right side. The track listing and the Apple logo are underneath the center hole.
The track listing is as follows: "All My Loving"/ "I Wanna Be Your Man" (from "Meet the Beatles" LP); "I Call Your Name"/ "Roll Over Beethoven" (from "Second Album" LP), "Things We Said Today/ "If I Fell" (from "Something New" LP) and "She's A Woman"/ "I'm A Loser" (from "Beatles '65" LP). All tracks are played first in stereo and then repeated in mono. Why "She's A Woman" was listed as a featured USA mixed track by Capitol I will never know to my dying days.

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