Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Beatles' The Capitol Albums Vol. 2 Sampler

In early April 2006, Apple/Capitol/EMI released a CD sampler for the Capitol Albums Vol. 2. The catalogue number for the CD is Apple/Capitol DPRO 0946.
The front cover is similar to the previous volume 1 sampler; the middle has the large black label with rainbow perimeter print and the white playhole in the middle. The center of the label has the band logo in yellow and red with the title underneath in white along with the Capitol logo. The four front replica covers are as follows: "The Early Beatles" in the upper left; "Beatles VI" in the upper right; "Help!" in the lower left and "Rubber Soul" in the lower right.
The back of the sampler has the same colour design as the previous volume 1 sampler: purple into red into orange into yellow etc. The band logo is at the top in white followed by the title. Underneath is the tracklisting twice (once for stereo and once for mono), the production credit to George Martin in black followed by the composer credits. The blurb "From The Capitol Albums: Vol. 2" in black and indicated which songs appear for the first time in stereo. At the lower left are the Apple/Capitol/Compact Disc/ and FBI logos appear. Finally, at the bottom is the catalogue number and copyright information.
The CD has the black label with rainbow perimeter. The artist and title are at the top in white, the tracklisting in white under the playhole. The Capitol logo is at the left and the catalogue number, compact disc logo and EMI logo are at the right. At the bottom is the Apple logo and in the perimeter rainbow colours are the copyright information and FBI warning.
The tracks include "Baby It's You" and "Boys" from "The Early Beatles" collection; "What You're Doing" and "'I Don't Want to Spoil The Party" from the "Beatles VI" collection; "The Night Before" and "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" from the "Help!" soundtrack; "Think For Yourself" and "I've Just seen A Face" from the "Rubber Soul" collection. All tracks are offered in stereo followed by (mainly fake) mono mixes.

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