Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Beatles 09.09.09 Sampler

In the middle of the summer 2009, it was announced by Apple that the Beatles catalogue would finally be released in remastered stereo. This announcement was a God-send to all Beatles fans who had waited since 1987 to have the music sounding as good as possible with the modern technology available. The entire UK canon plus "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Past Masters" would finally be released on compact disc complete with bonus DVD and either as individual discs or as a box set. But more on that later....
A 2-CD sampler was issued to radio stations around the world in early September 2009 (exact date unknown). The title of the sampler is: "The Beatles 09.09.09 Sampler" in reference to the fact that both a stereo and mono box set of the remasters was to be released on September 09 2009 and the date chosen in reference to the "number 9...number 9...number 9" quote from the "Revolution No. 9" track on the Beatles double "White Album". The catalogue number for the sampler is Apple 5 0999 6 84414 25.
The two compact discs are housed in a gatefold CD cover. The background is black and the front cover has the Beatles logo in white along with the sampler title. The spine print also includes the title of the sampler. Very plain, very simple. The back cover consists of the tracklisting for disc one and disc two. 16 songs on each CD for a total of 32 songs.
The inner sleeve, if you will, reveals text on the left panel explaining that the catalogue is to be released in remastered stereo along with instructions to "listen". The "all rights" claim is below the text. On the right side panel, all of the front cover art work to the collection is reproduced in miniature form along with the producer's credit and technical information. The Apple logo is underneath the information along with the Beatles website address.
CD 1 has the reproduction Parlophone label similar to the original vinyl. The background is black and the Parlophone lettering is yellow. The trademark symbol (in yellow), the record speed (33 1/3) and stereo lettering are silver. Underneath the center hole is the sampler title and "disc 1" followed by the artist name and "made in UK" underneath. The catalogue number is to right. CD 2 has the reproduction of the full Apple label from the side 1 vinyl records. The background is black filled out by the huge full Granny Smith Apple. The sampler title is above the center hole and the catalogue number is to the left. The artist name is once again below.
The tracklisting is as follows: CD 1 "I Saw Her Standing There", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "This Boy", "Things We Said Today", "Eight Days A Week", "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away", "If I Needed Someone", "Rain", "Here, There and Everywhere", "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!", "The Fool On The Hill", Glass Onion", "Mother Nature's Son", "Hey Bulldog", "Something", "Two of Us". CD 2 "Please Please Me", "All My Loving", "If I fell", "Honey Don't", "I'm Down", "I Need You", "Day Tripper", "Drive My Car", "And Your Bird Can Sing", "She's Leaving Home", "I Am The Walrus", "Back In The USSR", "Long, Long, Long", "All Together Now", "Come Together", "I've Got a Feeling".

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