Saturday, July 2, 2011

Abbey Road (US And Canada)

The Abbey Road LP was released in the United States and Canada on October 01 1969. Here we have a very simple front and back cover single LP pocket jacket. The LP carries Apple labels with the full Apple on side one and a half Apple on side two. The front cover / back cover and tracklisting are exactly the same as the UK issue.

The catalogue number for the LP is Apple SO-303 and is available only in stereo. The mono concept for the 1960s had finally come to an end and this LP was never mixed nor issued in true mono. You may occasionally see Brazilian LPs that claim to be mono mixes of this material, but it is essentially stereo "folded down" to one channel.

The manufacture of the cover in the United States was originally posterboard and the art printed directly onto the cardboard. There are also versions that used slicks but for the most part originals are posterboard. On the back cover, the catalogue number is in the upper right hand side.

The manufacture of the cover in Canada are paper slicks onto cardboard with the front cover wrapping around to the back. At the bottom of the back cover, the words "Distributed In Canada By Capitol Records (Canada) Ltd.". Canadian covers also have the "split dot" at the top of the front cover.

Original pressings of the LP did NOT include the song "Her Majesty" written as part of the tracklisting on the back cover nor on the side two label. Later pressings include "Her Majesty" on the labels and the back cover was eventually modified to include the song "Her Majesty" written as the tracklisting credit. As a personal note, I have found it extremely difficult to find Abbey Road covers with "Her Majesty" included on the back cover. Some re-issues have used the original art for the back cover and still not included "Her Majesty".

The inner sleeves for this LP were usually generic white sleeves or no sleeve at all.

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