Sunday, July 10, 2011

In The Beginning (Circa 1960)

Almost six months after the release of the "Very Together" LP in Canada, Polydor released the LP "In The Beginning (Circa 1960)" in the United States on May 04 1970. The catalogue number for this LP is Polydor 24-4504.

Although the title states Circa 1960 - the actual recording dates for this material stem from June 22, 23 and 24 1961 as well as May 24 1962. The "Mersey Beat" newspaper cover featured on the front is actually from January 1962. It would have made a bit more sense and placed it all in context if the title had been changed to Cira 1961-62. There ya go.

The tracklisting for this material is exactly the same as the earlier Canadian "Very Together" LP (see previous post) which includes seven tracks by The Beatles (with and without Tony Sheridan) and five tracks by The Beat Brothers/Tony Sheridan. Original labels for the LP have the red Polydor labels and black print with white perimeter print. The "Half record" logo and Polydor written in white underneath.

The front cover features the artist(s) in white and the LP title undernearth in a light blue-green. The front cover photograph consists of a cobblestone street with a tied bundle of "Mersey Beat" newspapers showing the Beatles portrait taken by Albert Marrion the previous year. The Polydor logo and catalogue number are featured on the bottom right of the front cover.

The back cover features the same quote from George Harrison during an interview on September 1969 conducted with Ritchie Yorke for the "Globe Magazine". Of course, this quote is the same as the previously released Canadian "Very Together" LP except that on this issue it is blown up considerably. There is also an uncredited blurb at the top of the back cover explaining the justification of such a release. Original issues of this LP featured a gatefold cover. The left side of the gatefold has liner notes by the one and only Tony Sheridan. The right side of the gatefold features three photos of the Beatles (two from Hamburg; one from 1960 and one from 1961; and one from Liverpool 1960). The detailed tracklisting is above the photos and the Polydor logo and catalogue number in black and white is at the upper right hand side.

The LP was only released in stereo. The LP was originally only released in the United States until 1972 when the LP was also reissued in this form and cover in Canada.

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