Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yellow Submarine LP (US and Canada)

The sound track to the Beatles' United Artists film "Yellow Submarine" was released on Apple records in the US and Canada on January 13 1969 in stereo only. The catalogue number for this LP is Apple SW-153. The tracklisting for this LP is exactly the same as it's UK counterpart (see earlier posting for UK "Yellow Submarine" LP).

The big difference between this version of the LP and it's UK counterpart is the cover. The front cover for the US/Canada version omits the words "Nothing Is Real" from the "sub" title (get it?) located on the UK version between the LP title and the drawing of the submarine. Added to the US/Canada cover are the words: "Selections by The Beatles plus original film music" to the upper right hand side of the front cover. Lastly, the copyright notice for "King Features Syndicate Subafilms Ltd. 1968" is added to the left of the drawing of Old Fred.

The back cover liner notes also differ in both continents. The UK back cover features liner notes by Derek Taylor as well as a review of "The Beatles (White Album)" from the London Observer by Tony Palmer. The back cover liner notes for the US/Canada version contain a fictional "beowulf" type story credited to Dan Davis.

The Apple labels feature the full Apple for side one and the half Apple for side two. Canadian copies include typesetting from both RCA and Compo. US copies were pressed in Los Angeles, Scranton and Jacksonville with original pressing having the Capitol logo on side two as perimeter print.

The LPs inner sleeves were usually generic white or none at all.


  1. Hello Everyone,
    Has anyone ever seen the Yellow Submarine album cover stamped (all the way through the cover) with the word 'FREE'? It seems to be a promo album but I can't find any information on the internet. I have determined that it is the US/Canada cover with the King Features Syndicate Subafilms Ltd. added to the left side of Old Fred. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks

    1. I have one of the same. From Scranton. Do you have any info?